In 2007, Ampro Industries, Incorporated, created the Ampro Sustainable Environmental Team (ASET). ASET’s responsibility is to continually review our products and processes and find opportunities for our company to reduce its carbon footprint.

As a result of this ongoing initiative, Ampro Industries has taken the following steps:

  • We have provided our office & sales staff with remote desktop access so they may work from home; ergo fewer trips via automobile;
  • We have replaced the incandescent lights within our manufacturing & distribution facilities with energy efficient, low-pressure sodium (LPS) vapor lamps;
  • We have switched from a 5-day work week to a 4-day work week – reducing the high energy costs of operating our manufacturing facility;
  • We have replaced outdated energy systems & manufacturing equipment with more Eco-friendly alternatives;
  • We encourage our consumers to “PLEASE RECYCLE” by placing the icons on all of our packaging;
  • We’ve utilized water efficient, low-maintenance landscaping at our manufacturing facility;
  • We avoid using ozone depleting chemicals during our manufacturing process;
  • We’ve replaced our outdated diesel delivery truck with a fuel efficient Hino engine truck;
  • We’ve converted to using plastics packaging which is friendlier than its predecessor;
  • We recycle all of our corrugated cardboard;
  • We are transitioning to receiving our caps from the supplier packaged in gaylords instead of cases, thus reducing the amount of cardboard.

As a leader in the multicultural hair care industry, it is our desire that companies similar to ours follow our example, as we do our part and continually search for more ways to practice environmental stewardship.